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Buckswood Overseas Summer School

boss It’s easy to see why kids and teens would want to spend their summer at Buckswood Overseas Summer Sboss4chool (BOSS). It’s an experience of a lifetime that offers more than meets the eye! Of course our English lessons are extremely important but so too is the thrill of trying new activities and visiting new places. The friendships that are made make it such a special experience for our students.

boss3Here at BOSS, we take pride in helping to shape the lives of our students and, by encouraging confidence through experience, we allow them to challenge themselves through excitement and adventure as well as developing social and life skills in a happy and pleasant environment.

boss2BOSS is not only about experiencing new things and shaping lives, it is also about having lots of fun and being able to take your stories home to share with your friends and family. Our campus in summer is an amazing place, full of life, activities and energy! Who wouldn’t want to spend their summer at BOSS?



csl At City School of Languages, we aim to deliver a very personal service. We, therefore, want to make sure that you know about us and our team and who you can contact if you have any questions.

In the “About Us” section of the website we want to introduce you to the staff that represent City School of Languages – our Principal, the administrative staff and of course our teachers.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERACity School of Languages was founded in 2006 and has rapidly grown in size and scope with the introduction of new and interesting courses to meet our students’ needs. We are accredited by the British Council and ABLS Accreditation, and have an excellent team of dedicated teachers and support staff.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAWe are committed to ensuring our students are given the best possible experience of learning at CSL and living in Swansea. We will always be there to support you and to make you feel well looked after. For our students aged under 18 we recognise how important it is to give extra attention to your needs and commit to a higher level of supervision and care at all times. We want to ensure our younger learners feel safe and secure at all times while studying at CSL: your wellbeing is our priority.

We have an open-door policy in school. This means we encourage students to talk to any member of staff if they need help with anything at all. We will always listen and do our very best to give guidance and support, so as to make your time with us a positive and memorable experience.


Leeds English

leeds We have two sites: The Victoria Road School and the Burley Road Centre. You will study at either site depending on your level of English.

The Address of Victoria Road School is Victoria Lodge,115 Victoria Road, Leeds LS6 1DRThe address of the Burley Road School is, Burley Hill Trading Estate, Burley Road, Leeds, LS4 2PU.The distance between the two is about 1 mile. See how to get from one site to the next here

The school is homely and friendly. A great place to study!

leeds2We have welfare staff to help you when you first arrive.We have students from all over the world. Last year we had students from over 48 different countries. We have a pleasant garden area (Victoria Road school).

There is a kitchen and eating area at both sites and a large common room at Burley Road

We have computers available at both sites for grammar and vocabulary practice, and free access to broadband internet and email.

You have FREE access to Leeds English Online for self study during your time at the school. There are over 100 hours of skills practice at your level and a guided study plan.

You have access to Leeds English Online FREE for 3 months after you leave the school.leeds4

We offer you individual attention, regular reports and feedback on your progress.

We will give you a private tutorial in your first few weeks of study to help you plan your learning objectives.

You will be given an individual learning plan (ILP) which will help you in your weak areas of English and is reviewed every 2 weeks.

After class there is a study room with materials available for extra study.

We have bright and spacious classrooms.

Our classes are small (Average 10 students per class with a maximum of 14 students).

The minimum age of students is 16.leeds3

We arrange trips to places of interest for you.

Classes run from 9am to 2:30pm Mon to Thur and ILP study time runs from 2.40 to 3.40. A teacher will help you with your study. On Fridays, lessons finish at 12:15.



capital We are an independent and fully accredited British Council English Language School. We are also a full member of English UK and having been granted a Tier 4 Highly Trusted Sponsor status under this scheme enabling students to apply for visas through the school to enter the UK to study English.

We will ensure that as well as being able to learn English, you will be in a multicultural capital3class, interacting with other students of the same level. The teaching staff are dedicated and professional, constantly challenging the students to develop themselves and further their English language skills.

The school’s mission statement is:

To provide an exceptional standard of English language education and to maximise the individual potential of each overseas student seeking assurances in terms of value, quality and opportunity.capital2

The school is near the main Bournemouth University campus, the Arts University, Bournemouth and close to a full range of shopping and leisure facilities.



inlingua inlingua is one of the world’s leading language training organizations with 322 language centers in 37 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America.

Millions of private clients and employees of large and small companies, institutions and government offices have benefited from the inlingua method of language training.

inlingua3The legally independent language centers are committed to the high quality ideals and uniform training principles. The centers are free to shape their training programs in accordance with the requirements of the local market.

inlingua2Highly qualified native speakers provide language and communication training in many different target languages with the help of training materials specially developed by inlingua.


Club Class

About Club Class Malta

  Malta has rapidly acquired a clubclassreputation for excellence in teaching English as a foreign language. Clubclass has helped form this coveted status by providing a highly immersive educational system that gives rapid and lasting results – the residential language school.

Malta was a British colony for over 150 years. Since independence from British rule, daily use of the English language has never subsided and the Islands are officially bi-lingual. Business, scientific, educational and other circles use English as the predominant language. English is also spoken exclusively in a number of social circles. When enrolled in an English language course in Malta, students are able to communicate with all locals and in all situations, encouraging daily and practical use of the language.

clubclass4The steady increase in popularity of Clubclass is the result of the hard work and dedication that can only be achieved by a family-run establishment. Our residential language school set-up provides a totally immersive teaching environment. At Clubclass, we pride ourselves on our commitment to deliver quality language tuition to all our students on a personalized level. Clubclass is licensed by the Ministry of Education, an accredited member of FELTOM and a full member of ALTO and WYSETC.

About Club Class London

London, the UK’s dynamic capital and one of the world’s great cities, offers students a truly unforgettable exclubclass3perience. It is a rich cosmopolitan city with endless cultural, culinary and entertainment opportunities, but best of all, it fully immerses students in the language they want to learn. All this has made London the ideal and most popular destination for learning English as a foreign language.

Clubclass Language Schools started operating in January 1999 when the school in Malta opened its doors to foreign students for the first time. Over the years, the school in Malta has taught English as a foreign

language to over 25,000 students from over 50 different countries. Following the success in Malta, in 2012 Clubclass’ directors decided to put to further fruition their vast experience in the EFL business by acquiring, re-branding and relocating a school in one of the key EFL destinations in the world – London.

clubclass2The school’s philosophy has and will always be to offer quality English language tuition in a fun and relaxed environment that is conducive to learning. Our qualified and friendly staff are always available to ensure that students get the maximum benefit and enjoy themselves in the company of like-minded people from all over the world.

Both schools are accredited by the leading accreditation bodies in their respective countries – FELTOM in Malta and British Council, English UK and ISI (Independent Schools Inspectorate) in London. These accreditations provide further proof of Clubclass’ commitment towards top quality English language tuition.

Apart from offering English language courses to students of all levels and ages, the schools offer assistance with booking accommodation, airport transfers and activities in both locations. By offering students a full range of services, we ensure that they find ‘a home away from home’ in a fully immersive environment.




lal2 LAL offers a selection of exciting destinations, all with unique features for today’s international students. As well as the attractive seaside locations of Torbay, Fort Lauderdale, Cape Town and Malta (where our school is known as IELS), LAL’s newest year-round school in London is in Twickenham, by the River Thames in the Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames – one of the capital’s most popular ‘villages.’ We offer further choices for Young Learners in our summer schools, our newest at Fordham University in New York.

lal3LAL is a long-established organisation with years of experience in meeting the needs of language students worldwide. All our schools are accredited by national validating organisations and play an active role in improving the quality of products and services.

We are committed to the highest possible standards of teaching using skilled and experienced teachers.

LAL has a long-established track record in teacher training and our schools in both Malta and Torbay are providers of the DELTA programme – the highest qualification for practising teachers of English as a Foreign Language.

lalWe also attain accreditation for our courses by national bodies like the British Council & English UK in Great Britain, CEA & AAIEP in the United States, EFL & Feltom in Malta and EDUSA in South Africa.

A key part of your language travel experience happens once classes are over.

The best way to practise your new language skills is to get out and use them in the real world. We know you will also want to find out about the country you are visiting, to sample the lifestyle of her people and to explore the area.

In each of our locations LAL excels in providing social and leisure activities that are fun, engaging and good value for money.



English Language Company

elc2  Located in the heart of Sydney city centre, English Language Company (ELC) has a large modern campus with cafes, shops and popular sights close by. ELC students come from over 35 countries to study our wide range of quality English courses. We pride ourselves on offering excellent teaching and services to all of our students. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals and we are sure that you will enjoy studying at ELC and living in Sydney.elc

ELC was founded and is managed by David and Lyn Scott who are well-known in the English language teaching industry as academics, managers, teacher trainers and coursebook writers. Lyn has managed training programs elc3and trained teachers in Australia, the USA, the United Kingdom, Russia, Poland and China. David has taught in and managed schools in Australia, the UK, Spain and Malaysia. David and Lyn are the co-authors of the internationally acclaimed coursebook series Natural English, Oxford University Press.



ces2 We are one of the most respected English language schools in Europe. CES has an international reputation for the care and attention each and every student receives from our friendly and professional staff.

All of our teachers in Ireland hold a university degree plus an ACELS recognised teaching qualification. In England all teachers have, as a minimum, either the Trinity TESOL or Cambridge CELTA qualification, with many holding specialist EFL teaching diplomas and degrees. Across all our schools in Ireland and England our teachers are chosen not only for their experience but also for their enthusiasm, positive attitude and their ability to make language learning fun.ces

All CES schools offer homestay and a wide variety of accommodation options. The combined academic knowledge, administrative skills  and depth of experience of our staff in the UK and Ireland means that CES can provide and deliver  courses and service that will meet your exact requirements.

ces4In 2007 CES was awarded the ‘Star English Language School in Europe’ with four centres or less and we were shortlisted for the same award every year between 2008 – 2011. CES is the only school to have been nominated for this award for 5 consecutive years! CES is recognised and accredited by the British Council in England and ACELS (the Irish Department of Education) in Ireland. CES Ireland is also a founder member of Marketing English in Ireland (MEI).

ces3CES is also proud to have a number of our year-round schools as full EAQUALS members. CES Dublin is also an official IELTS Test Centre.

All our schools in England are full members of English UK.

Our motto is Care – Excellence – Success



atlasAtlas Language School was set up in 2003 with the aim of providing a unique learning experience in a personal and motivating environment. We are located in Portobello House, a beautiful landmark building that overlooks the Grand Canal in the south of the city.

The school has grown quickly since it was founded and has built up a reputation for excellence in that time. General, Professional and Examination Preparation courses are run year- round in Dublin, while our Atlas Junior programmes run each summer in Ireland, the UK and the USA. In addition, we also specialise in designing language programmes for groups and individuals with specific requirements and have developed strong relationships with many schools, colleges and atlas2businesses in Europe and other parts of the world. Much of our school’s success has been built on our personal approach and the recognition that every student’s language abilities and goals are unique. No matter what type of course you are doing with us our Academic Manager and support staff are always available toatlas3 give you regular individual feedback and advice.

Our mission is to help you to become a more effective learner and show you how to make decisions about your own learning so that you can set goals and objectives for the duration of your studies.