ALS GROUP (Antalya Language School & AYBEL Language Studies) is an educational institute in Turkey placed in 3 most important cities in the country – Antalya, Istanbul and Ankara.

Established in 2010, is in one of the most beautiful regions of Turkey –Antalya, where we also organise Summer School for Juniors. It is a short program where young people are learning language with great assistance of culture discovery, sport and social activities and traveling. ALS schools provide English and Turkish Language Courses, customized to the students needs.

ALS Group is accredited by the Ministry of National Education of the Republic of Turkey. ALS Group is not only language institute. We help students with their needs like accommodation, transfers, futher education (Universities), administration processes and others whenever possible.

Our students are from different countries and we strongly encourage them to socialize with each other and their cultures. We even organize additional events and trips.Whichever program you are interested in and we promise you to enjoy learning and staying in Turkey!